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Issue with SIP INVITE messages in Workforce Optimization Quality Management

I am deploying Workforce Optimization Quality Management on a Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard virtual machine; it is using Network Recording to record calls, and it is integrated with CUCM and UCCX  It's a single-server deployment with the base server, CTI server, recording server and SQL server housed on the same Windows host.

I activated the Built-in Bridge in the phones to be recorded, configured the SIP trunk (along with profile, route pattern and security profile),  the recording profile, and the JTAPI user (and assigned the required access control groups and phones to it), and then installed and configured Quality Management.

However, calls to and from the phones that were included in Quality Management are not being recorded; I checked the Voice Record Server logs, and at first it could not connect to the CTI server on CUCM, based on these messages it was displaying in said logs:

ERROR [0x1454] STD2001 ConnectionManager::processRecovery: Client <Primary_CTI@[CUCM IP]:52102> failed to connect to any service.

DEBUG [0x1454] SplkException.cpp[159] splk_socket_internal::SocketOperations::internalConnect: com.calabrio.util.socket.SplkSocketException: Connection error: 10061:No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. Stack trace <>.

I rebooted the Windows VM, and it no longer displayed that problem.  After that, unfortunately, recordings were still not showing up, so I checked the CTI service logs, and it showed that it wasn't getting any SIP INVITEs based on this message:

DEBUG  [(P1-[CUCM IP]) EventThread|BasicSocketProtocolClient#sendMessage:63] MSG: Sent to <Client[/[Quality Management IP]:49294]>: Head[48,254,1]AgentId=15;MAC=[Phone MAC address];RecordingIP=[Quality Management IP];Type=NETWORK_RECORDING;State=RECORDING_VOICE_FAILURE;Cause=NO_SIP_INVITE;<

This INVITE issue was verified by looking at the report on the Quality Management server's HTTP site itself, and seeing "No SIP INVITE" under the recording attempts.

Please advise on what may be the cause of this issue.

John Powell

Any solution here?

Jim Pilgrim

How about this one, trace taken on internal interface on QM server.  It gets the INVITE from CUCM but rejects it.


"Start Time","Stop Time","Initial Speaker","From","To","Protocol","Duration","Packets","State","Comments"
"22.186756","22.192534","","<sip:>","<sip:>","SIP","00:00:00","2","CALL SETUP","OPTIONS 200"
"43.324173","43.335283","",""Office Phone" <sip:213@;x-nearend;x-refci=32677432;x-nearendclusterid=StandAloneCluster;x-nearenddevice=SEP0CD0F821E8D4;x-nearendaddr=213;x-farendrefci=32677431;x-farendclusterid=StandAloneCluster;x-farenddevice=S0/SU1/;x-farendaddr=XXXXXXXXX>","<sip:899@>","SIP","00:00:00","3","REJECTED","INVITE 404"
"54.050274","54.055082","","<sip:>","<sip:>","SIP","00:00:00","2","CALL SETUP","OPTIONS 200"

I am having the same issue, were you able to solve it ?

I am getting a 404 on the sip invite also.  In the event viewer it talks about how the user did not receive packets for at least 15 seconds on the call.

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