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Issuing multiple commands in a single "Play Now"


I was wondering if anyone has a good method to issue multiple commands to a DMP in a single use of a "Play Now".

For example, a client I am working with is using mounted projectors in class rooms.  Say, for instance, there were an emergency event.

I would want their administrator to be able to:

1) issue an emergency

2) issue the RS-232 command to flip the projector to the DMP input (in case the projector is in use at the moment on another input)

3) issue the RS-232 command to power on the projector (in case it is off at the moment)

4) wait 20 seconds

5) issue the RS-232 command to change the input to the appropriate one (to catch all the ones that were off)

I was thinking that this might be possible with a specially-crafted deployment package, but if I run the package it will also try and upload files to the DMP.

Does anyone have ideas on how to accomplish a scripted set of actions like this?

Thanks in advance,



Issue # 1  PROJECTOR! - Kidding!

No seriously, I get what you are saying. You can do an advanced task to acomplish this if you can send the commands to the projector one after the other. You would build a string of commands then send that in prep of an emergency. not very clean but t would work. I've done this in the past and it's strictly a work around. one other idea - have you looked at the Cisco API's? Not saying that the answer is there but it may be. One other idea may be to look at Singlewire. They have integrated DMS emergency messaging into their application. I have not tried it yet - just got a notice that it was ready for customers today.

No, I don;t work for them but I have used their products in the past and they seemed decent. Ping me an I may be able to setup a demo or help work something out.