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Jabber MRA logging out of phone services when changing Networks

Hi Guys


Thought i would just post this for anyone having the same issue. When logging into jabber from an android or apple device over public wifi thought MRA or on the local wifi and then moving out of the wifi range or turning off wifi to force the device to switch to 4g the client does not log back into the phone services.


The fix for this is to change the device profile for the specific device ie the BOT deivce and turn of Built in Bridge. Log out of the client and when you log back in this issue has been resolved. I am told that UCm and IMP version 11 resolve this issue.


Hope this helps someone.


Versions we are running:

  • CUCM and IMP - 10.5.2
  • EXP C and E - 8.5.1
  • Jabber Clients 11.0.1


Hendrik Schraa

As to add to the above topic; mostly for public reference. I am running into the same problem where indeed a switch of network (WiFi > 3g/4g > internal/external) leads to this situation; a full reset of the jabber client with renewed authentication resolves the issue for the moment but is deemed very inefficient.

The above suggestion did not correct this matter for me however; accordingly i'm still in search for a solution.


  • CUCM 10.5.2 combined with WebEx IM (Instant Messaging)
  • VCS X8.5.1
  • Jabber Clients: Jabber for iOS & Android 11.7

Any updates here? Having the same issue.

Hi I've a similar issue, but I think is related only to 4G mobile Networks.

CUCM, CUPS, CUC, in version 11.0 and Expressway-C and E in version 8.8.

Using 2G/3G and WiFi networks all works fine. When Phone switch to 4G Networks, Jabber deregister and unable to register back again.

Tested only with 4G Telecom Italia Mobile. Only way to solve, change Smartphone option to use only 2g/3G networks and not 4G.

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