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Joining a Microsoft Teams meeting from Cisco Meeting, Teams App or Webex Room device

Recently had a request by a client who received an Micro Teams invite via email and we're wondering how we can join Microsoft Teams meetings via the Webex meetings or teams Apps or in particular from a Webex Room device. It's our preference to join these MS Teams meetings from our Webex room devices in our conference rooms especially where we have more than a few attending.
Read on the web that MS teams does use SIP. And also see that Webex has plug-ins for MS teams but this doesn't help in this case. Also understand Cisco and Microsoft are collaborating over VC so maybe something in the pipeline. I would appreciate and update on this front.

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Cisco’s CVI gateway for video interoperability with Microsoft is currently road mapped for early this year it seems. Have not heard an update on it recently. This is what your looking for. Currently Blue Jeans and some others are currently listed.


When cisco bought acano years back it introduced the ability to interop with skype for business with dual home conferencing and all that fun stuff but when Microsoft came out with teams the functionality didn't transition.  It is coming.... Cloud first and then on prem. 


Great write up on the subject


April 14 2020

Cisco is not on the list yet, but the cisco gateway seems to be coming.


Is there any update about this matter? Can we now join Microsoft Team meeting from a Webex Room device such as Cisco Room Kit?

Last I heard on this subject is yes it is in production in early field trials.

Reach out to your cisco account manager to see what you to do to test out using the CVI.


Have you received an update on this? I see multiple videos, trainings, etc. where the microsoft teams icon is on the display. I would like to be able to call a microsoft teams meeting from a Cisco Room System.


You can use the third party solution Pexip to join Microsoft Teams meeting from Cisco Room System at the moment. Cisco will be CVI partner for Microsoft Teams, but it is not official yet.

You may refer to the Cisco blog posted in Nov 2019:

Thank you

I tried pexip. Not a good fit for my users or customers. Thank you for the response. I see this feature advertised on Cisco live today but no feature release or instructions.