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Licensing extra 8 phones on CUCM 9.X

Good day,


Am coming from old school and i have not done licenses in a long time.

Kindly assist me on how to license 8 extra phones please note licensing is tricky treat me like a novice.

I have done it before but am a bit confused how its done in version 9. I have been advised i need this license to add the new phones UC -MANAGER 9.X ENHANCED SIGNAL USER QTY 10. 


I have a CUCM setup with Multisite with SRST. I want to add one more site. please assist from here. I have access to licensing manager on CUCM.


In the old days we used to get them as a PAK how does this one come do the licenses come as single licenses (PAK/Serial)???


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Re: Licensing extra 8 phones on CUCM 9.X

Sorry CUCM 9.X has reached obsolete status. - No more expansion, licenses or support. If you are a partner or working with a partner point them to the second link
You also can not buy higher version licenses and downgrade to 9.X licenses.

Re: Licensing extra 8 phones on CUCM 9.X

You definitely need to consider upgrading your CUCM version since it soon will not be supported.



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Re: Licensing extra 8 phones on CUCM 9.X

9.x is already EOS and EOL, last day of support was December 31st 2018



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Re: Licensing extra 8 phones on CUCM 9.X

Good day Experts,


Please answer the following questions for me.


1. If i found a license that is not used "UC -MANAGER 9.X ENHANCED" in my archives can i generate a License ".lic" from and upload in my licensing manager? Does it mean to say even a new license can not be generated to add to my CUCM now?

2. What is the process of upgrading from version 9 to 10 cost implication? what is the best option out?


3.  Only an updrage to version 10 will save me? I am ready for it.



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Re: Licensing extra 8 phones on CUCM 9.X

Hi there

I am not sure if you can download the licenses from the portal. Give a shot. If not you can approach Cisco License team at They will ask you to get the license request from your License manager for issuing the licenses.

My advise will be, if you have a valid contract with Cisco, go for at least 11.5X version which is kind of a stable platform these days.

If you don’t have the contract, then talk to your Cisco AM/SE. They will involve the presales team and you start building your BOM

Hope this Helps

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