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Long DTMF Problem

We have several users that use calling cards to make LD Calls. During the call, the user has the capability to enter a # to make a new call. On a regular phone, the # must be depressed for 2 seconds for the calling card IVR to recognize the digit, but from an IP phone, the digit is never recognized, even if the key is depressed for 2 seconds. I put a digit grabber on the trunks and only see the tone generated for 300 msec. I have adjusted the h225DTMF duration up and down, but this impacts the entire system. If you listen in the IP phone, the digit duration sounds in your ear as long as you depress the key, which is an inaccurate signal to the user that the system is sending that duration of tone.

I have tried this using a WS-X6608 PRI (CM 3.2), a VG-200 using a CAS-T1 (12.2XN), and a 1751 (12.8T), and experience the same problem.

I have found that a workaround of several depresses of the # key in quick succession will _sometimes_ work. Why should the users have to do this when the feature of long or variable dtmf works fine on a regular PBX?

When will the feature of true DTMF digith length be a reality?

Anybody else experiencing this?