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Lost unity password, how to recover?

when we try to configure unity, we are prompted to provide alias name and password, after we tried many times, the system said"the account was locked", can some one teach me how to recover password and how to unlock password?



I apologize, but I'm a little confused. When you say you are trying to configure Unity, do you mean you are trying to access the Unity Administration webpage?

Your Unity accounts are simply Active Directory accounts (if using Exchange) or Domino Mail user accounts (If using Domino). I only have experience in Exchange, so I can tell you that you can reset and unlock passwords through the Active Directory Users and Computers ("ADUC") MMC console. This is usually installed during the Unity installation.

To unlock an account, open ADUC and expand to the domain level, then right-click the domain and choose Find. Search for the user and open it's properties. Go to the Account tab and uncheck the locked checkbox.

To reset a password, open ADUC and expand to the domain level, then right-click the domain and choose Find. Search for the user. Right-click the user and select "Change Password". enter the new password twice and click OK. You should get a prompt saying the password was changed successfully.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are some accounts that you should really not change the passwords on. If the standard naming conventions were used, these accounts are called: UnityAdmin, UnityInstall, UnityMsgStoreSvc, and UnityDirSvc.

thanks for your reply. We installed a new Unity server, and going to configure it. i did remember we created passwod for "administrator" and cannot rememer whether other account.

the first time I open unity administation web page upon installation, I was asked for alias usrename and password. and after serval times trying, my account was locked.

And I check the user account in the windows, there is no such user being locked. May this account is in unity?

when trying to login to SAWeb with an account which is not a unity subscriber, you can use the command "GrantUnityAccess" which is available under commserver folder on the drive that was selected during installation. This command can be used to associate a Windows account with EAdmin account (This account has Admin rights). For example if the User account is UnityAdmin, then the command you need to run is "grantunityaccess - u \UnityAdmin -s EAdmin". Replace with the NETBIOS Name of your domain.

If you are trying to login with an account which is a Unity Subscriber, assign the Class of Service of Example Administrator to that account and then login to SAWeb.

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