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Max Conferences

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Hi, does anyone know what the theoretical max is for conferences and conference members for CM4.1 on a 7835?

Thanks, Daniel

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Chris Deren
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It depends on the type of conference resource you are using. You also need to adjust the service parameter to accomplish that.

using software conferening bridge up to 128 users in single conference can be supported if the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Application service runs on dedicated server. If the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming Application service runs on the same server as the Cisco CallManager service, a software conference should not exceed the maximum limit of 48 participants.

Checkout this doc:


Hi, thanks for getting back to me. So does that mean in a shared environment (CM & IP voice media streaming on the same box) I can have 1 ad hoc conference with 48 participants or combinations of that as long as I don't exceed 48 participants in total. For example 6 separate conferences with 8 participants?

The maximum number of users that a software conference bridge supports theoritically is 128. By default u can have 4 participants in an ad-hoc conference. You can change this default value and make a combination so that the max. number of participants does not exceed 128.

If you have 6 conference with 8 p-articipants, u are only using the default max. value of participants - that is 48. You can change this to add up to 128, but this might bring down the quality of the conference.

Also if you are using 6608 blade as your conference bridge, you can have up 32 users per conference.

If you are going to use DSP's from yoru router you will be limited to 8 users(Phone) for each conferece (meet Me)

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