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MCS 7825-I2 boot failed

Hi guys,

The first days of October I turned off my MCS-7825-I2 server after this, when I tried to turn on the server, did not work.

We were informed about an issue that it would take place after October 1st with this server model According with the "Field Notice: FN - 63255 - MCS-7825-I2 & IBM x306m" is recommended to download the last version of FWUCD for IBM Servers

I download the iso file FWUCD-2.3.1-I from Cisco, I recorded on CD and then I reboot the server with this CD expecting to

update the BIOS. When the server was in the initialization process an error message was shown (a file was not found)

After this, the server does not respond there is a LED of the server that turn orange (an exclamation mark is shown) after turning on the server and remain orange.

Does any of you have face this issue?


Re: MCS 7825-I2 boot failed

I would call TAC, that sounds like a larger problem than what can be fixed on this forum.


Re: MCS 7825-I2 boot failed

I have the same problem,

just after first installation of Cisco OS on a MCS-7825-I2 it asked me to downgrade my firmware version from 1.34 to 1.29 if I remember well. After rebooting the server I have the orange System Error LED lit and monitor is blank, no post boot and so on. I'ld like to upgrade the firmare but I don't know how to do, tried with a USB flash, switching the J4 jumper, but nothing to do.. any suggestion?



Re: MCS 7825-I2 boot failed

Looks like guys are a running into this issue.


Re: MCS 7825-I2 boot failed

Hello, I ran into the same thing this evening but had no idea about this bug! I wish I was subscribed to the right email group!

But I went to that site you mention, got FWUCD-2.4.1-I.iso (550MB) from Cisco's software page, burned it and ran it on the server in bootup.

It updated the BIOS to 1.45 and also the Broadcom NIC cards.

Everything is up and dandy on our Unity Connexion 1.2, soon to be Version 7.x.


Re: MCS 7825-I2 boot failed

How did you boot the server from che CD-Rom ?

Did you have the orange LED lit ? My MCS seems to be totally unusable, no BIOS POST at boot, blank screen. And if I put my burned iso media on the cd-rom reader it doesn't start booting from it. I can try with hardware J4 jumper set, is that the right way ?

Thanks a lot,

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