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Messages Key doesn't dial Voicemail


Hi, I have a call manager 4.0 implementation, integrated with Unity 4.04. In testing we discovered that when a subscriber with a mailbox, dials the "Messages" key on the phone, 7960/7940's, nothing happens. We don't get a dial tone, we don't get unity. It's like the button doesn't even work. Even for a phone without a subscriber associated in Unity, if you hit messages key nothing happens. If you dial the *XXXX number then you hear the normal greeting and normal voicemail messages, also if you let the phone ring 4 times then it goes to voicemail. That works great.

I've been looking in the service parameters for voicemail settings and just drawing a blank as to where I adjust this messages key setting. Thanks.

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Confirm that you have configured the VM pilot number and VM profile.

Associate the VM profile to the first line of the phone.

The messages key is directly associated it with the VM profile, double check it.

I'll go through the integration guide again and make sure I didn't miss something. Just was wondering if there was service parameters I could adjust.

Ahhh, I found the problem. We're rolling out a centralized multi-site office. The first site we're rolling out is a branch office. I have two phones in the main office. As you might know about configuring Call Manager, I haven't configured all the phones in the main office like they need to be yet and of course those two phones had the wrong voicemail profile. I'll update them and it should be all set. Thanks for pointing me in the right place.

Matt Domnick

I had this same issue over the holiday; for me the issue was no Default Voice Mail Pilot being defined. I had an install in Brazil but the VM platform we use wasn't ready, so CCM went in without VM. I configured VM once the server arrived, but did not make it the default until I was completed with my testing. This prevented my messages button from working. Once I defined the VM Pilot as the system default and restarted the CCM Service, the button started working.

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