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I said that no firewall

I said that no firewall because I used NAT 1:1 from Public IP to DMZ IP.

Ok, then if you've followed

Ok, then if you've followed the blog and guide to the letter and everything is configured as recommended then I would suggest debugging and checking logs of all devices in the path to ensure traffic is flowing or if one of them is blocking/dropping it.



my question is like you:https

my question is like you:


i can not login form outside.


my toply have connection one switch in test,have no asa

use different DNS for inside and outside


hi,tigrepojke:i need your

hi,tigrepojke  and   phanletienvinh

i need your help.


my question is like you:

task1: expressway core have one not active
XCP Server connection: :Inactive Jabber is not running on remote host, if jabber is running then check password for r2r connection on connect

when i shut lan2 on expressway-edge ,this question is ok

all is active.


but i can not login from outside?


note 2:

now ,on expressway-E i use IPv4 static NAT mode .my expressway is ok

i can login from outside ,but i can not use softphone ?

IPv4 static NAT address is same with  ipv4  lan1 on EDGE,is this questin?

Hello huanghleOk so it looks

Hello huanghle

Ok so it looks like you resolved your issue with the Inactive Jabber and sign-in problems by disabling Lan 2 and using Static Nat, good.


Your problem now is being unable to use a softphone, is this the Jabber softphone?  If so then do you have the CSF client setup on the CUCM for the Jabber to use?

If you have been using an Iphone or an Android then again have you setup a device for them?

Jabber softphone = phone type Cisco Unified Client Services Framework

Iphone = phone type of Cisco Dual Mode for iPhone

Android  = phone type of Cisco Dual Mode for Android


And so then if you have setup the phones on the CUCM, in the Jabber client check under Help>Show Connection Status and it gives a nice report on how healthy the Jabber is for connections to all servers (softphone, deskphone, voicemail, presence etc)


Jabber for Windows/iphone/android should show an error message if it is having issues with the softphone, it would be useful to know what that is as no doubt it will lead to some answers on a search.



Thank you for your replymy

Thank you for your reply

my user login inside can use all IM/JABBER SOFTPHONE  from PC or iphone or jabber

when i use this user login from outside(use expressway core and edge), i can use IM ,but can not use jabber softphone.

my pc jabber login log in the file


my connection error message is:

软电话 - 不健康
状态: 未连接
协议: SIP
原因:连接错误。请确保 [选项] 窗口中 [电话服务] 选项卡下的服务器信息正确无误。如果需要支持,请与系统管理员联系。
地址: (CCMCIP - Expressway)

桌面电话 - 无
状态: 未连接
协议: CTI
地址: (CTI)

在线状态 - 健康
状态: 已连接
协议: XMPP
端口: 5222

Outlook 通讯录 - 健康
状态: 上次连接成功。
协议: MAPI
地址: Outlook

目录 - 健康
状态: 上次连接成功。





Unable to see what the

Unable to see what the Connection Status is as I'm unfamiliar with what looks to be Chinese


I took a quick browse through the logs searching the keyword "error" and it got a lot of hits so you might want to try googling those.

Something else on the Jabber that might point you in the right direction is Help>Show Error Notifications


If it were my system I would be logging into Jabber Windows when connected to the LAN, record the time you do this.  Then logging into Jabber Windows from outside and record that time, then compare the logs to find a discrepancy. Would also be checking the CTI logs on the CUCM system


You might have SIP Profile

You might have SIP Profile Issue, do as following and see if it gets resolved:

1. On Unified CM, go to Device > Device Set t ings > SI P Prof ile.
2. Click Copy against the St andard SI P Prof ile.
3. Configure the following fields, leaving everything else as its default value:
Name Standard SIP Profile – for phone devices
Use Fully Qualif ied Domain in SI P
Request s
Allow Present at ion Sharing using
4. Click Save.
Select the check box
Select the check box if BFCP (Dual video / presentation sharing) is

from cisco: Cisco Expressway SIP Trunk to Unified CM  Deployment Guide

 In case anyone is following


In case anyone is following this thread or find it when researching Expressway, this thread is for the Mobile Remote Access part of it

If you are interested in the B2B part then you can find my journey with that over at this thread


hi,tigrepojke. and all

hi,tigrepojke. and all:

question 1: jabber login outside,not use softphone  //OK

my softphone can login from outside through EDGE.

before i have change cucm sip phone port from 5060 to 5062,for my andorid jabber.

if i change back cucm port 5060,my andorid jabber can not use softphone,only use IM.

question 2:jabber outside can not ring

my outside jabber can call inside jabber,but inside jabber call outside jabber,

outside-jabber can not ring,call fail.


have cucm /10.5,expressway core and edge/

expresssay-core-edge-log file


Hello huanghle Same advice as

Hello huanghle


Same advice as a month ago. Take logs for a working scenario then compare them against logs from your problem scenarios


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