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Multi Site Paging

Now that I am firmly in the throws of the installation, my old nemesis - paging has come back to haunt me. I finally decided to go with an external paging system (Valcom to be exact) and avoid the complexity and incompleteness of a third party XML solution.

The scenario is that I have (2) physical locations (not connected via wire), each location has a page control unit with speakers attached to it. The Control Unit is fed from the CM via FXS ports in each location. The idea is to have 1 extension for side A, 1 extension for side B, and a third extension that will ring to both sides (for an all page). The "both sides" issue is what seems to be causing a problem. How can I give 1 extension to 2 separate FXS ports and have them go off hook at the same time?


ext. 2000 on FXS port 1/1 to page building 1

ext. 2001 on FXS port 2/1 to page building 2

ext. 2003 on FXS ports 1/2 and 2/2 to page both buildings

If there are any paging "gurus" out there, especially one familiar with Valcom, I would love to pick their brain.


Jim Richardson


Re: Multi Site Paging

Jim- I don't envy you. The only thing I can think of to accomplish this would be a hoot-n-holler scenario.

This could get a little (or quite) complex, so I'll email some details on what I think would work.


Re: Multi Site Paging


I have just recently brought up a manufacturing site with an IP phone system and I am currently researching paging vendors. I currenly have a quote for using Valcom equipment but before I buy, can you offer any comments regarding the product or your installation? My plan is to have multiple zones (office, manufacturing, and both) for paging. I have a 3640 router with an FXS card.

Thanks in advance,

Kevin Nadin

Sr. Systems Admin

CPI, Inc.


Re: Multi Site Paging

I am not sure if this will work with fxs ports but,

use more than one physical port and connect:

ext 2000 = fxs port 1/1

ext 2001 = fxs port 2/1

ext 2002 = fxs port 3/1 and 4/1 or just use a y cable to connect a single port to 2 phone lines.

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