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Multisession Video with MCU and Polycom?

We have the Polycom ViewStation 128 units that only support two endpoints. I am looking to use the IP/VC 3510 MCU to provide 3+ endpoints.

I am wondering if my ViewStation 128s can be used in conjuction with the MCU to create 3+ simultaneous H.323 conferences. I want my three offices to see and hear each other at the same time, with multiple windows on the screen.

I assume so since they are just another H.323 endpoint, but maybe Polycom has something in their units to restrict 3-ways so you have to buy their multi-point units.



Re: Multisession Video with MCU and Polycom?

Dear sdetoffol:

The 3510 will enable you to have a multipoint conference with 3+

endpoints. The only advice I will give you is to plan for any future

multipoint conference growth. If your future involves a large number of

endpoints per conference and/or a large number of conferences then

you might want to consider a different MCU.


Cisco Employee

Re: Multisession Video with MCU and Polycom?

Yes, the 3510 will allow you to have conferences of up to 9 users at 384k or 15 at 128k. If you are planning on expanding I would suggest you look at the 3540. The 3540 is modular and will support over 200 384k calls.


Re: Multisession Video with MCU and Polycom?

Which Polycom Viewstation 128's do you have that support two endpoints. The only codec I know from Polycom that you can use like an MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) are the Polycom FX. The FX is made so you can call up to three other sites beside's yourself. You do not need another MCU such as the IP/VC 3510 to bridge calls of this kind.

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