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New Subscriber Installation - Error Message DC Directory Installation Fail


Attempting to load a new CM server to be a second subscriber. Loading from CD version 3.3(2); the publisher is 3.3.3. I'm just trying to load the CM software and then going to upgrade it so it matches the rest.

I get an error message part way through loading the software:

"Failure occured trying to determine if Cisco Directory install succeeded. Aborting Cisco CallManager install.". I looked up the error on Cisco's website and it said to check the Event Logs, which didn't help me any.

Any ideas?


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You are running into this issue:

CSCec00220 - Install of new Subscriber with 3.3(2) CDs into 3.3(3) cluster fails

Install of NEW Subscriber server with version 3.3(2) CD's into a

version 3.3(3) CallManager cluster fails.

In the past, with previous versions of CallManager as far back as

3.0, a customer could always install a new Subscriber using an

earlier version of CD's and then upgrade that subscriber to the

version currently installed on the Publisher.

This does not work with with an existing 3.3(3) cluster when

attempting to initially install a new subscriber using 3.3(2) CD's.

They should obtain 3.3(3) CD's in order for the installation to be

successful due to DC Directory checking the version installed on the


The issue can be identified with IntegratedSetup.trc showing:

Read remote registry to get IntegratedInstall version on Publisher

Publisher's IntegratedInstall version:""

Subscriber's install version is diffeent from Publisher's.

Install is aborted/cancelled...

At the time of this bug being raised 3.3(3) CD's had not yet FCS'ed


Get 3.3(3) install CD's


Thank you. I thought it might be a problem like this. I will get the newer CD's to install.

Thanks again.

Hi I have the same problem, But I have the 3.3.4 running in the publisher and want to install the CM 3.3.3. Some ideas?



Basically the issue is that you can not install a subscriber into a cluster using a lower CCM version. You will need to obtain CD's for 3.3(4).


Same issue here, Installed the Pub as 3.3.3 , patched to 3.3.4 .

then Went to install Sub, with 3.3.3 CD, no dice.

How can I get a 3.3.4 CD? or ISO?

I hounded my SE for it after I couldn't find it available online.

The above listed error message can also occur if you have the same Release CD's but fail to update your LMHost file to reflect the new server.

I just ran into this same issue and ended up installing 3.3.3 on both and then upping to 3.3.4. Now I just hope when I do the restore to the publisher that it works ok!

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