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No Thumbnails In Show and Share

Level 4
Level 4

I am running Cisco Show and Share 5.3 with a Wowza media server and am able to play videos fine, but the thumbnails are not showing up.  I can see the thumbnails in the draft but when I publish the video the thumbnails are not displayed.  I don't get any errors when I publish the video.

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Level 1
Level 1

Check your external publishing points.

You need to have one for the *.jpg or it could be the default one.

FYI:  Drafts stay on the SNS internal web server.

Publishing causes them to go to the matching external server as defined in the external publishing points.

Normally thumbnails are stored in the default hosting location (*.*).  If this points to the Wowza server make sure the virtural directory pointed to in SnS is setup properly.  This is created on the Wowza server.  This is done by going to Start/Administrative Tools/Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. Click on the plus sign next to the server name and in front of Sites and right click on Default Web Sites to Add Virtual Directory. Name your virtual directory and use that name in the URL in the default hosting location.  When you define the virtual directory point the directory to the file location defind in the default hosting location.  You should see the thumbnails in this directory on the Wowza server.

Let me know if you have any questions


We are running our Wowza installation on a Linux server.  Do you know where I could find the virtual directory settings in Linux?

Sorry but I don't.  All my work with Wowza has been on Window servers.  We created the virtual directory to allow the web server to serve up the files after I first installed IIS as these files are served up by IIS.  Might want to check the Wowza forum but not sure if you will find anything there.  I think you will need to add web services to your Wowza server to serve up these pages.

If you have a web server available you could use that for the thumbnails.

If you don’t want to do that then leave the thumbnails on the SnS server.  The SnS has plenty of disk space and the thumbnails are small so you should be all set.

I'm having the same issue. i've verified my default hosting location is working.

It's odd; when i upload a video and browse locally for a video, a thumbnail and duration times are automatically popoluated prior to publishing.The video is published and successfully copied to my external file host along with all the jpegs for the thumbnails.

But if i upload a video and point to it by URL, which is what i want in order to host off SnS, i must manually specify a duration time and no video thumbnails are created. Am i missing something?