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One-Way Audio for Meet-Me Conference

We recently upgraded to CCM 4.1.3SR1 and have been experiencing an issue with the Meet-Me bridges. An internal user will intiate the bridge and other internal users can use the bridge without fail. A user who is calling in from the PSTN via our router can participate for awhile but after about 10 minutes the remote user no longer hears audio but the internal users are able to hear him/her. The gateway is using MGCP and the version of code is 12.3.14.T5. Anyone know a reason why one-way audio would kick in after 10 or so minutes?




Hi Dave,

I think you might post the ccmtrace file (if urgent open a TAC case) and check EV in CCM. That CFB is a SW CFB handled by IPVMS or a HW one?

Does that happens only for conference calls via that GW or also for normal calls?

You might see CSCsb22201, but since its a one way audio and other parties are not dropped in might not be related.


Happy holidays!

If you gather netmon trace, does CCM still send the mix stream?

The show call active voice br, increments the voip packets?

I will run the tracing next time a conference call is scheduled.

It is SW conf by the way



Here is the CCM trace file from the last conference call. The call started around 13:24 and the one-way audio for the off-net users began at 13:37. Thanks


Hi Dave,

Checking the trace file.

Let u know

Hi Dave,

Have just finished checking the trace file and see that exactly at 13:37:40 and 13:37:46 we get a ISDN Disconnect message from PSTN which disconnects both calls.

The reason is

To answer your questions:

It happens on both meet-me and ad-hoc conferences.

Other calls do not experience this issue.

In Chicago we have 10 digit dialing so the calls were actually local but the 10 digits appear but the issue has appeared for both local and long-distance calls

We have been able to reproduce the issue almost every time and it takes at least 10 minutes of conference call time before the issue appears.

While I do see the statuses you are talking about and I have had my issues with various phone companies we have been using the same PRI line for over two years without this issue. Something I did not mention in the first post is we also upgraded the CCM server and the original server had a DT-24 card contained in it that we were using for the gateway. When we upgraded the server and software we also installed the 2801 as a gateway. I can't think of anything that we would have had to provision specifically for the DT-24 card but thought I would mention it.

Do you need any more traces or information from me?



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