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Outlook VB Code to Dial CISCO IP PHONE 7960 Series


How can I dial a phone number from my outlook contact list on a CISCO IP PHONE

7960 Series?



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Configuring Microsoft Outlook to dial members of contact list:

Using the Cisco CallManager Administrator interface, create a user for each Microsoft Outlook user who wishes to use the contacts. Make sure that, in the global directory, the user has the Enable CTI Application Use checkbox checked, and that the IP Phone is associated with that user.

Download the Cisco Telephony Service Provider installer from the Cisco CallManager Install

Plugins page to the PC on which Microsoft Outlook is installed.

Double-click the downloaded executable. The installer proceeds to install Cisco TSP. Click Next.

Choose the setup language.

Click No when asked about multiple instances of Cisco TSP, unless you want to talk to multiple

Cisco CallManager clusters.

Once the installation is finished, you need to configure Cisco TSP. To do so, go to Control Panel

> Phone and Modem Options. When the Phone and Modem Options window opens, click the advanced tab, hen select CiscoTSP001.tsp and click Configure.

The Cisco IP PBX Service Provider window opens. Select the User tab and provide your Cisco CallManager username and password.

Select the CTI Manager tab, and provide information about the primary and secondary Cisco

CallManager servers, either an IP address or host name. Click OK to close the window.

Open Microsoft Outlook and open the Contacts folder. Right click one of the contacts that you want to call, and then click Call Contact.

The New Call window opens. Click Dialing Options to make sure you are using the correct line to call.

In the newly-opened Dialing Options window, in the Connect Using Line area, select the line you want to use to call, and then click OK.

Back in the New Call window, click Start Call. Call status shows as Dialing. At this point, the speaker on your IP phone activates, and you can hear the call progress.

When the call is connected, you see the Call Status as Connected. Closing this window ends the call. You can also end the call from the IP Phone, or by clicking End Call.


Can TSP be used to make calls from the Global Address list as well?


You can dial from any contact - plus initiate a call where you just get a window where you have to put in the number. There's no click to dial functionality from within emails or any other elements.


So is there something special I have to do to be able to dial from a contact in Global Address List which is synced with AD?

If I go to my personal contacts, i can make a call just fine, however when I try to make a call from the Global Address List, there is no such option to do this. Am I missing something?


Maybe we mean something different by global contacts.

We use Exchange 2003 and 2003 and 2007 clients. I consider my personal contacts those that I see when I click on the contact ribbon on the left in Outlook 2003. The global contacts are those I get to see under Public Folders. In there we have a whole folder structure and amongst other things there are contacts.. one folder per country and I can dial from those just fine. Just select one and click on the phone button and off you go.


We use exchange 2003 and we have 2003 and 2007 clients as well. I follow you on the "personal" contacts. Those are the ones I see when I click on the contact ribbon on the left.

When i refer to the "Global Address" I'm referring to when I click on the "Address Book" at the top of the outlook screen. When that window opens, it defaults to the "Global Address List", which lists all the users,conf rooms,dist lists from our AD. From there I don't see a why to try and make a call.


Oh that? That's the AD address book though.. not the Exchange address book. And the fact that you cannot dial from that isn't Cisco's fault.. it's simply that Microsoft didn't implement a dial functionality there. The only way to dial from that would be to write an Exchange plugin which would add a dial button to that dialog (assuming it is possible to hook into that dialog.. I haven't gone as deep into Exchange development to be sure) and use an installed TSP to dial out.

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