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Passing a call to a Unity VM password prompt

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VIP Advocate

I am trying to set up a script similar to the autoattendant, but instead of just going to the users's VM greeting I would like it to go to the users's password prompt (ie. a user can enter their extension, enter their password, and check their VM)

I've tried passing * through the IVR, but this does not work. Any ideas? Unity 4.x and IPCC Express 3.x.


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Tommer Catlin

In your CallHandler greeting for your "autoattendant" make sure you configure the "*" key to go to "Log in" on Unity. You can use any key you want, but "*" is usually the norm. (In the Caller Input section for the Call Handler you are using

In IPCC express, not sure how this would happen. You can have IPCC express transfer to a Call Handler in Unity that says " To check a voicemail box on this system, press "*" and your 4 digit extentions".

Hope this helps!


1. Run Call Viewer under tools depot to verify call from ipcc does go to cm which then does hit Unity

2. If #1 is cool, find out which number is coming in. Not sure how your doing your CM call routing but I would use a cti rp for forwarding calls or TP for direct calls. Anyways, base on the method you use, you will see a consistent ani or forwarding number on the viewer

3. On call routing rules, add a rule to match the method your using, and send it to Unity's "Sign In"

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