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Phone Logo CIP Image

I have my CIP Image, and I have looked at this URL to edit it, and save it as .asp file.

It came out all scrambled on the phone. Will someone who has done this before edit my .cip file. for me?


Daniel Baum
Cisco Employee

Hello Paul. The document is a bit unclear.

I'm assuming that you are attempting an IDLE URL image.

If this is the case, please follow this brief proceedure, exact.

1) Create the image you want to use per the document you have been using.

-Image > Grayscale

-Width being no larger than 125 pixels and the Height no taller than 60 pixels

2) From a command prompt in the directory that the the new .gif file is saved to, do this proceedure exact. Instead of converting to a .cip, I'm going to have you convert to a .xml file.

This is the command:

gif2cip image.gif image.xml

(the word "" is what ever you want)

Now, change the URL IDLE link on the phone page or from System / Enterprise Paramters /

Reset the phone, just to make sure.

After you finish testing the new image.xml IDLE URL, open the image.xml file with notepad and edit to remove or change the "Temporary Prompt" statement to what you want to state.



Hello Dan,

I used the steps that you have indicated in your message.

On my 7960, I can see the temporary prompt (which I can alter successfully in notepad), but the image does not appear, and the image screen is blank.

My image is called logo1.xml. Width 90 p, hieght 53 p.

Also, when the URL is active, upon clicking the UPDATE button, I get an error message, HOST NOT FOUND.

I would really appreciate your help.



Please make sure that you saved the original bmp image as grayscale and then convert bmp to xml.

Host Not Found is expected and will timeout on the next refresh.

If you have already done the first, send me the original bmp image and I'll give it a test.


Hi Dan,

I appreciate your response.

yes, I made the original BMP image as grayscale. Then saved it as GIF and then used the gif2cip.exe to convert it to .xml file using the command

gif2cip logo1.gif logo1.xml

All that I get is the Temporary or modified prompt the image is not visible. I am emailing you both the bmp and xml files.


Hi Dan,

Sorry, forgot the attachments. I have attached logo1.xml as well, as this is what we are using currently. But it only displays the prompt.



Sorry so long. It works now.

What I had to do is take your original logo10.bmp and then save it as logo10.gif / monochrome.

I then converted the logo10.gif to baum_logo10.xml.


I then copied the file to c:\ciscowebs\ipphoneservices\ccmcip.

I then went to CCMAdmin for the specific phone I was testing with and added in the IDLE field the http path and the new filename baum_logo10.xml.

Reset the phone and now works perfect.

I also attached a new logo10.xml for your use. Try both.

Let me know if you have questions.


Hello Dan,

It is still the same. I only see the temp prompt. I have tried both of your .xml files.

I am using a 7960 phone. CCM is 3.3(2).



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