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pressing softkey while configuring mconference


Iam configuring mconference facility on 7970 series. But when i press the softkey join or new or delete , a html page comes on the phone screen. no action happens.

It does not pass the parameter action = join or new or delete. Where is the link between softkey and the mconference.jsp?

Do i have to download something? or is it to do with rtprx command?

Iam new to CiscoIPPhone. Kindly help.


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Rising star

Sounds very much like a problem I've been having in the early days. I'm not sure it's exactly the same but here are a few pointers:

Install the latest phone load (6.0.1sr2).

Trace the HTTP interaction between your 7970 and application server and check the page that the phone gets before the problem ocurrs.. does this xml code contain all the necessary information, especially the QueryString parameters that would contain the action parameters?

I also recall that earlier phone loads had problems with port 8080 (default port for tomcat - the server which I presume you use to run your jsp applications).. I opened a case about this and I think it was fixed. Not passing the conference ID was also something that ocurred on the 7905 but once again I think it has been fixed since (sorry to be vague, that was a long time ago).

Anyway, upgrading phone loads and tracing the HTTP traffic should get you there (imho HTTP tracing is a must unless you run a debugger on the JSP app).

Thanks Stephen, I have been trying to download latest phone load at

But couldn't get through.

current firmware iam working on is : TERM 70.6-0-1-0S

does anyone know from where i can download the latest one for 7970?

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