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PRI Monitoring

I have been trying to find an easy to monitor how saturated my PRIs are. I was trying to do this through the Real-time monitoring tool, but this is pretty ineffective. Some callers are starting to get busy signals when calling in and I need to see if my trunks are saturated.

I am running 3.2(2c).

Any ideas?


RTMT exposes the same performance counters you can access through performance monitor (the standard windows tool).

These tools include counters for active calls, an instance of which is created for each gateway that is configured in CallManager... You can set up logging so that it will log the counters to a file (csv or whatever) so that you can report on it later...

Do you use MGCP or H323 for your PRIs?


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They are MGCP. All of the PRIs I am trying to watch are on 6608 blades. Im trying to see if the trunks are saturated but I am not really seeing anything in RTMT.

OK - this might be vague (no access to a CM at the moment to verify) but...

Go into performance monitor (start/run, then type 'perfmon', or go into admin tools).

In the chart view you can add counters by hitting the + toolbar icon.

Under 'performance object' you can select either 'Cisco MGCP PRI Device' or 'CIsco MGCP Gateway' (not sure which this will be, for H323 it's under the generic 'Cisco H323' one from what I remember).

CHeck 'select counters from list' then look in the list for something like 'Active Calls', then you should be able to select the gateway you are interested in under the 'Instances' section - select the one you want and click add.

If you find the counter you're interested in then you can move to the 'Performance logs and alerts' part of the console and configure it to maintain a log you can review later..

Let me know if you don't find the counter and I'll see if I can help further...


Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!

Hey there,

I've been working on the same thing with the same gateways. What I've done is enabled CDR on the cluster and installed CAR on the Publisher. THere are canned reports you can run to determine your utilization. You can even set it up to e-mail them directly to you. Turn CDR on a let it run for a day or two....then you can run the reports. Works great for me.



Thanks I will give that a try.

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