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Problem multiple Site CUCM and Voice Gateway


we have one cucm in Jakarta and the other cucm in surabaya (two sites) and each site has its own Voice Gateway Router. Multisite, not in the same cluster & each is connected with leased line / MPLS.

the question is =


  1. I want IP Phone Jakarta (Extention 1001) dialed to Surabaya PSTN

Example : (031) – 12345678 call using Voice Gateway (Line Port FxO) – Surabaya, where the calling number that shown in Jakarta PSTN is the Number from Jakarta Site (021) not (031) and Vice Versa.

How can we do that? How can we achieve above?


2. How is the dial plan for this 2 cucm that has different clusters?

3.Do We need CUCM SIP Trunk connection between 2 sites?


*Notes : Right now dial extention from surabaya to jakarta / vice versa already connect well using router intercluster non gate keeper.

Please share if there is someone that have experiencing with this issue and how to solve it.

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Hi Ubay,

What you want to do is called TEHO. You can definitely do this using the following guide lines

1. Configure a SIP trunk between the two clusters

2. Configure dial plans in Jakarta Cluster to route PSTN calls to CUCM cluster in Surabaya using routr groups/route list and route patterns

3. Depending on your telco, you may not be able to display the DDI of user in Jakarta on the Surabaya PSTN line. So it may just show the pilot number of the line


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Please check TRAI restrictions prior to apply TEHO as you will be converting on-net to off-net calls.

Accordingly you will need to apply logical partitions as per the TRAI regulations.


TRAI is the regulatory frame work for India. That would not apply for Indonesia.

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Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

In your case ISP is not translating the calling number  to  your local DID Pilot Number. so before sending the call to PSTN translate the calling number to your local DID block. 






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Hi all.


The problem is solved.


1. Create dial pattern for pickup pstn port on voice gateway Surabaya dan jakarta.

2. Cucm inter cluster

3. Sip trunk need establish first.


Thank you for your support.




Robma bayu


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