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Problems with IPPHONE: CM down feature disabled

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Level 1

Hello everyone

I dont know what happen with the ipphone, in zone area some ipphones reboot and then appear this message: CM down feature disabled.

Some idea about it and how can i fix it?

At least i can resolve it pressing **#* and forcet it to reboot again.

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Level 1

looks like the phone reregestered with another call manager, failed from the subscriber to the publisher. calls should be normal the users complain about because they do not know what it "CM down feature disabled" means.


But remember that it only happen in a few phones and i had about 600 ipphones coneccted with 2 CCM and # cluster.


IP phones show cm down feature disabled only when it loses connectivity with the callmanager.Please make sure that the lan connections are proper and there are no issues.



Do the problem phones happen to be color 7970 phones? If yes, update the firmware, to the newest release. I experienced the same bug and message with 7970's even though Call Mananger was functioning properly.

The IP Phones sends keepalives to CCM that either didnot reach the CCM, or the CCM ignored the keepalive. If the IP Phone is on an active call, and the above event happens thrice, the IP Phone loses connectivity to the primary CCM, and shows the message "CM down, features disabled" telling the user that features like tranfer, conf, park, hold will not be available.

Upgrade the phone load on affected phones which may help. But most likely, this is caused by a network issue. Check to see if the affected devices are isolated to a certain part of the network.

I think that is Lan problems because the last weekend we change some swithces Cisco 3550 and at this time i never have been problems.

Only happens with the ipphones where the swiches was changed.


What you can do is see to which ports the phones are connected in the switche and try to see the port status .See if there are any dropped packets ,errors etc.Also find out if the switch reboot by using sh version command which will tell you the up time of the switches.

I hope this help.



Hi all!!

I can fix the proble, the issue was with a change that i do with my switches.

Thanks for yours opinion.