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Purse the New CCNP Collaboration Track



I wanted to ask a question here about a career in collaboration. I am currently a CCNA as a network engineer at a small company with an opportunity to more pursue collaboration, r/s or security. What I mean by that is I kind of work with everything from firepower, cisco routers and switches to webex room kits and the cucm. I am no expert in any of these areas, and we kind of have a security expert and need a collaboration person. While I am interested in both I am wondering if collaboration a good future career (in terms of salary and options/opportunities), because pursuing the CCNP collaboration would obviously be a big commitment. Are collab engineers going to be around for a while too, with things like skype and other solutions out there?






Re: Purse the New CCNP Collaboration Track

Disclaimer - this is my opinion.  I'm sure others will have varying degrees of opinion and if you ask somebody in the R/S (now Enterprise) or Security space they may feel differently.  That being said, Collab isn't going anywhere.  In fact it has been growing for years with the increase in video and Webex, part due to remote workers and global businesses.  With R/S, you focus on the underlying infrastructure that all other systems use.  Security you focus on the safety of the network from inside/outside threats.  However with Collab you not only need to know Collab but you need to have an understanding of R/S as well as Security, though not to the level a CCNP in either of those fields does.  That in itself can set you up for a possible career change down the road should your desires change or business needs relocate you.  As far as salary goes, like any job, it all depends on where you land and where you live as well as experience and if you are on the engineering side or operations side (engineering will make more typically).

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Re: Purse the New CCNP Collaboration Track

it depends on your location/region and job market, but I would say in terms of salary and opportunities, Security over Collab, then RS. Data centers were - and still might be - the hottest topic over the remain tracks.
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