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Question regarding "Same Server Recovery"

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Attempting to document the server recovery process for Call Manager 3.3(3) for my own records, and at customer request.

Does the "Same Server Recovery" need to be flagged to restore a Publisher server from failure? Assuming backup is current. Does the order below look correct? Thanks in advance!

Publisher 3.3(3) Rebuild (with working SUB present):

1.Reinstall operating system release that matches subscriber servers.

-Reference: Installing the Operating system on the IP Telephony Applications Server.

2.Update Host and LMHost files on Publisher server.

My Computer, C:, WINNT, system32, drivers, etc

3.Install Call Manager version that matches subscriber servers.

-Specify “Same Server Rebuild”Publisher

-Use passwords that were in place at last backup.

-Reference: Installing Cisco Call Manager Release 3.3(3).

4.Install all required Call Manager updates to match subscriber servers.

5.Turn on all required services.

6.Install Current BARS version in use and configure backup location.

7.Run the BARS Restore Wizard

-Specify PUB during restore process

-Reference: BARS Administration Guide 4.0(X)

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The same server recovery flag has to be used when you want to restore a CCM wihtout erasing existing data (often because you don't have a valid backup file).

If you have a valid backup file you have to do a complete new install without checking this flag. Then you patch your system to have the exact same version (including OS, MLA, BAT, ART, BARS..). The new server must have same NetBIOS Name and IP address than the old server.

When this is done you perform a recovery from backup with BARS.



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Step 6 -> wrong

At the procedure same server recovery it automatically asks you for the backup file, you don't need to install any backup utility.

Anyway which is the reason for you doing this? Upgrade or failure?

Thanks to both of you for your input. Recovery, as I'm referring to it here would be from a hardware (HDD) failure.

One last question. Same server recovery is a rebuild of call manager only on the existing OS platform? Not sure how else you would be able to retain local data and rebuild the OS at the same time.

Yes, you're right