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"Host not found" error on Cisco IP Phone 7961


Hi everyone,

I have IP Phone Service application. This application has a login page to get username and password from user. After successful authentication it redirected towards another page.

It is running well on 7940, 7960 and 7970 wit CCM 4.1.2. But when I tried to run the same service on IP Phone 7961 with CCM 4.1.2 and CCM 5.1.1 it prompt "Host not found" after some time shows prompt "login... " which indicates that user logged in successfully. But the problem is that it does not redirected to the next page. The login page remains on the top.

I have already checked the URL and other things all are fine. Is this a IP Phone 7961 related issue as my application is working well on 7940, 7960, 7970. Can anyone knows about this problem. Thanks in anticioation.



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Rising star

I'm sure you've only forgot to mention those details here, but what did a wireshark trace show? Where did the phone send its query to, and what was the response by the server?

Thanks Stephin for your reply. I install theh packet sniffer software Ethereal on my machine where my IP Phone Service application is hosted. The log created by the sniffer shows an error in XML tags.

When request is send from IP Phone 7961 an error string appeared in the log which is [ Error : Closing an unopend tag ]. On analyzing the XML tags hierarchy I found orphan tag .

To test same scenerio on IP Phone 7960 where this aplication is working fine I apply sniffer to the HTTP request send by IP Phone 7960. On analyzing the log created by sniffer I fond no error. Even no orphan tag .

Should I consider this tag () as suspect which creating problem for my application on IP Phone 7961?

Does anyone on this forum face similar kind of problem or know about this orphan tag?

May be my research can help anyone. Your suggestions will be appriciated.

Thaks in anticipation.


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