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"MediaResourceListExhausted" Error

I've started receiving the following error message "MediaResourceListExhausted" but not sure why...when I look at alert detail in Cisco RTM is says the following:

"MediaResourceListExhausted Originated from CallManager

Device Name: NULL_LIST

Device Type: Transcoder"

Where or what is the NULL_LIST? If I could find that I think I can fix the problem.

Brandon Buffin

Take a look at the following link for a description of the error message.

Looks like a device is looking for a transcoder. Could this be a device that does not have a MRGL assigned?

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the link, I had seen that earlier. It discribes the "MediaResourceListExhausted" message but doesn't speak of the "NULL_LIST" Is the NULL_LIST some default list? I can't find any reference to it on or here.

It seems to indicate that the device does not have a list of media resources. Is there an MRGL assigned to the device?


That is my other problem - I don't know what specific device is having the problem. I don't really want to just go and start changing all of my media resources around in an attempt to fix this.

I do have a MG built (it has transcoder resources in it) and a MRGL.

The only way to find out what device(s) are having the problem is to enable Detailed CallManager traces. Once you see the error in the event log then someone can take a look at the traces, at the time of the error, to see the call flow and what devices were involved. It would be best to enable these traces on all nodes in the cluster.




If you just want to know what NULL_LIST is, then I would say it is something like the NONE partition incase of phones.

This error message talks about the resources of a transcoder getting exhausted, which is not in any list, but in the NULL_LIST. All devices are by default in this list, if they are not specifically put into any particular Media Resource Group and thereby in some Media Resource Group List.

You can also check the application log on the Callmanagers to check for errors. If you have any error messages regarding this, please let me know and then we can try to find out what is goin on. Did any of users complain about any calls getting dropped (outbound or inbound from the PSTN)?

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