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Replacement parts for 7910 and 7960 IP phones

I have a number of 7910 and 60s that won't stand up, the part that is broken has stamped on it p/n 700-04985-01.

Does anyone know a source for this part?

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Level 11

I think what you are talking about is the footstand.

Now I took a look at a couple of phones and all the p/n's on the footstand (regular) says 700-04989-01. Do you have a 7914 (one or two). Depending upon the number of 7914s, you may need a CP-SINGLFOOTSTAND (33$ list) or CP-DOUBLFOOTSTAND (38$ list). I doubt if you can buy the regular footsand from Cisco, but definitely you can buy the ones that are used to support the 7914s on a 7960.



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Sankar Nair
UC Solutions Architect
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NO you are on the wrong track, the part I want is internal to the IP phone, it is what controls the height of the phone on its stand,it has a plastic "spring" which seems to weaken over time and eventually will break


I dont know if you have found a way to order this part from Cisco or not, but I have found an easy fix. I used a wide rubber band and wrapped it around the assembly a few times and it works like it was meant to be there once I re-assembled the phone.


Aaron, you're a genius.  Works like a charm!