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Reporting on "dispatch calls" to distribution groups


Hello!  Recently I had a post about shared voicemail boxes that got answered here.  Thanks again!

The solution was send department voicemails to a call handler instead of a user inbox, then after taking the message, send the message to a distro group using dispatch method.  

I'm curious if anyone else is using this method and how they report on it?  I use Cisco Tools user data dump tool and just export the shared voicemail box data to create a report currently because the department voicemails are user inboxes so all the voicemails go to this shared inbox.  However if we use dispatch calls from a call handler using distribution groups the VM goes to all the users in the distro group now instead of the shared mailbox.

Is there a single place to report on these voicemails?  Like if they are unread, read, etc?  Or am I now going to have to report on every user in the distribution list?  That would create some false data as the user may get some personal voicemails or voicemails that generate from calling their line directly.


Hopefully that makes sense.  I've researched a bit today on the subject and can't find anything that answers the above. 

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Maren Mahoney
VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

In Unity Connection Serviceability there is a report "User Message Activity Report" that shows all activity in a mailbox. (Message left, message read, message delete, etc.)

I would imagine that this would also show dispatch messages sent to and withdrawn from a voicemail box. I can't test this today, but I can test it tomorrow and will let you know what I find out.


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