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RightFax intergration with Cisco IPT

In a single site deployment, assuming that I have a set of DIDs for faxing only, is it possible to cross-connect RightFax server straight into an IOS gateway with either an analog (VIC-2FXS) or digital interface (VWIC-1MFT-T1) so that all fax calls coming into the IOS gateway's PRI will be routed straight to RightFax?

I have not been able to get a consensus as to whether this will work or not. Opinions differ by the gateway protocol (MGCP vs H322) or the type of interface (digital vs analog).

Daniel Baum
Cisco Employee

I have to assume some here, but the h.323 router can interconnect the PSTN to the Rightfax server either with FXS or T1. I have see some issues depending if super g3 is being used or just standard old fax machines. If SuperG3, you'll have to consider MGCP and fax pass-thru.

Please see this general guide for Cisco FAX services to assist in what is right for your project:

For a quick potential fix, see the default fax method since Cisco IOS release 11.3:

If you think you may have SuperG3 faxing, let me know and I'll forward the pass-thru information.



Can you not configure the router as an MGCP gateway, and configure CCM for fax pass-through. Since the fax has a different set of DIDs, all we have to do is pass the DIDs to the RightFax server. VIC-2E&M or maybe VIC-2FXO-M1 for analog, or VWIC-1MFT for digital to RightFax?


Single site deployment (no faxing over IP really)

RightFax server ------ Cisco 3745 (MGCP gateway) ------ PRI to PSTN.

This will work perfectly. I have setup many customers in just the way you described and it works perfectly. Disable fax/modem passthru on the gateways for best results...



Thanks for the confirmation. Did you use analog or digital trunk to perform the cross-connect? Also, I am assuming you used a Brooktrout card on the RightFax server?

Yes. That will work.

With MGCP, I suggest you use pass-thru.

Here is a task list for the gateway:

Task 1:

Disable fax relay on the gateway (by doing at "config t" global):

"mgcp fax t.38 inhibit"

"no ccm-manager fax protocol cisco" (turns off cisco fax-relay)

Task 2:

Set Cisco fax pass-through (by doing at "config t" global):

"mgcp modem passthrough voip mode nse"

Task 3:

Specify codec type

"mgcp modem passthrough voip codec g711ulaw"


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