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Routing all incoming calls to VM Pilot number


We just got a new T1 into our gateway from a new carrier. The previous T1 used to send the called number which was a toll free number. Then, there was a translation pattern like *X+*866555555* that had a called party transformation mask of 500, our VM pilot number.

It appears that I might not be getting any called number digits from my new carrier because all I get is dial tone and I have to manually dial 500.

What's the best way to troubleshoot? Is there a way to send all incoming calls to the VM pilot regardless of the dialed number?




If this is H323 you may just be missing the direct-inward-dial statement under the POTS peer that is being matched. A show call active voice brief will tell you which peers are being used. If the PID is 0 (default), you will need to configure one.

If this is a PRI you can debug ISDN Q931 to see what called number the carrier is sending. debug vpm signal for a CAS.

It a 1760V using MGCP. The circuit is T1 with 12 active DS0 channels.


You need to know what called number is being sent by the carrier. Debug VPM signal or debug mgcp packet or a CCM trace could be used.

Getting dial tone is an unusual problem for this type of setup. If Call Manager can't route the call you would normally get fast busy. You don't show the CCM gateway port config, but be sure all ports are set for E&M wink.

You could set this up as a ring down to your VM pilot if all else fails, but you really shouldn't need to if the carrier is sending a number.

You can set your Callmanager service trace level, on the Server where the gateway is registered, to Arbitrary, and enable PRI Trace, ISDN Translation Trace, and MGCP Trace.

Make a few test calls. Then use the Q931 Translator (Serviceability/Trace/Q931 Translator) to look at the call Setup information. You should look at the Setup messages for Calling and Called Party Number information to see any ANI or DNIS information that is coming from the gateway.

One gotcha for MGCP you may or may not have considered. Since you're using only 12 DS0s, you need let callmanager know which 11 are out of service as well as configuring active ds0s on the gateway. You do this by setting the "Change B-Channel Maintenance" advanced Callmanager service parameter for this mgcp endpoint. When you do this, be sure to enable the "Enable Status Poll" flag on the MGCP endpoint configuration page in CCM.

Also, this sounds a lot like the H.323/DID issue dgahm mentioned. You might want to post your GW config.

Let me know if this helps.

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