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RSS Feed issue in 5.2

Just upgraded to 5.2 and now I am having problems with all of the RSS feeds.  Now that I need a proxy server just for these dmp's to get information.

1) Is there any workaround, like using the IP address instead of the dns name?

2) is there a really simple and cheap way to do this?

3) Did someone think to maybe let the DMM be the proxy server?


Accepted Solutions


To make the Yahoo Pipes RSS feeds work for the DMD, you need to add "apis" to the Yahoo domain name.


should be

I hope this helps.


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Tomas de Leon
Cisco Employee


My Apologies for your issues.  This is a known issue.

CSCte67952 - DMD:  RSS will not work after upgrade to 5.2


The RSS ticker is not showing some content after upgrading to 5.2.

This is because DMD in version 5.2 uses Flash to display the RSS ticker.  And the Flash 9 and 10 player has built in security to not allow content from another domain.

This security feature is blocking the content.


There are several options available:

1: Only use RSS feeds from sites that allow cross site scripting.

2: Use a service line "Yahoo Pipes" service that acts as a proxy. This will result in a a new

   URL that can be used in the DMD, bypassing any cross-site scripting.

3 For any internal RSS feeds please contact TAC for a workaround.


Thank you forthe quick reply.

The workarounds are not that satisfying, unless Cisco has a list of RSS feeds that allows for cross site scripting.

Or some tangable examples of Yahoo Pipes that have worked.  I just went to the Yahoo Pipes site to try and get a simple weather feed, and I am still getting the same can not access rss error.

If you have some examples that work, I think others would appreciate the information.


To make the Yahoo Pipes RSS feeds work for the DMD, you need to add "apis" to the Yahoo domain name.


should be

I hope this helps.


Tanks, that helped.

I now have created a yahoo pipe in order to get top stories.  My next problem is to try and do the same thing for weather.

But this seems to be a little more difficult.  I can get the currect short weather by zipcode with just the temp and sky condition.  But I want to pull the description of what the forecast is.  I can see the information in the description under the y:item, but I am not seeing a way to get it to display.

If someone is smarter with Yahoo Pipes and can give a suggestion, that would be appreciated.

Plus it would have been nice to see something from Cisco to fix this "bug" or feature.

Hello all,

We have been trying to figure out how to setup the yahoo-pipes so that we can receive RSS feeds in proper speed (since it's not able through DMM).

Up to now, we were able to run the pipe and receive a full page html with the desired RSs feeds within it.

Is it possible to receive only the rss feed (in an actual Rss format) through yahoo-pipes?

Thanking you

One of the keys is in the url,  the standard url that yahoo gives yoe is   what you have to do is add  apis to the yahoo in the url to get

That should get you the rss stream you are looking for.

You should also be aware that in 5.2 and 5.2.1 versions of the code there is a scroll speed issue with any left or right scrolling such that is is painfully slow.  there is a patch that can only be applied with TAC's or a Cisco TME's assistance.  But the new 5.2.2 version seems to have fixed this issue.

hope this helps.  If you would like me to take a quick look at your pipe, send me what to search on to look at it.

Hello Richard and thank you for answering!

We are running 5.2.2 but i cant see any speed control in the DMD,maybe you mean that the speed is overall increased compared to older versions? Because it's still slow!

Also, we have tried the following pipes:  , added the "apis" but the "Access to method is denied " according to yahoo. Are we doing something wrong here?

In the mean time,i would like to wish to each and everyone of you happy new year! I wish that the new year will bring less issues/caveats to all Cisco ET !!!

I tried your pipe that the url points to and I think that I see the problems.

1) this is your code so the next two steps are to Publish the code.  This makes the pipe available available for a web page.

2) then click on the Get as RSS.  This will then give you a new url that has at the end of the string _render=rss

This is the url that you change the to

3) But I think that you will have one more problem left.  when I viewed the copy of your pipe on my 5.2.2 system, I do not get the text.  I think that is because your character set is not one of the currently supported character sets within DMM.  I have heard that there may be a way to add privately additional character sets for RSS feeds but not really supported.  If I put the published url into a playlist, that will show me your character set correctly, but I only see part of the news items.

I have heard that Cisco is planning on addint additional character sets for localization, but have not heard which ones or when.

Hope that this will help you, and Happy New year to you.

Hi Richard,

Indeed, after following your instructions i have the Yahoo pipes working in the DMD.

Though, the speed issue has a negative effect on the visual appearance of the Digital Signage....

Anyway now, i would like to thank you for you support!

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