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Scheduled daily backups of DMM fail - Backup/Restore process stops running

Hi, I have been testing the scheduled backups within the DMM AAI and have found it's performance to be unreliable.

Specifically I am performing FTP backups to a remote network location.  Manual one-off backups complete successfully without any issues, and scheduled backups occur on the same day, however successive (reoccuring) daily backups don't happen and the Backup/Restore process seems to stop running. I have checked the backup logs but these don't provide any insight as to why the backup process stops running.

Has anyone else encountered this?  I am running DMM v5.2.0.25.


Tomas de Leon
Cisco Employee


I am unaware of any known backup issues with the DMM

or SnS.  I will run some tests here to see if I see the same problem.

It will take some days to see...

In your scenario, Does the failures occur on the "2nd" Scheduled backup?

or how many backups does it take to recreate the failure?  Is it consistent?

And you mentioned you are using FTP not SFTP or Rsync?

I will let you know what I find out..


Hi Tomas,

thanks for your response.  I'm only using FTP at present and the backups tend to fail the following day, for example if I go in and schedule a recurring backup to take place with the first one happening the same day - the first backup is successful but then the second fails.  However if I schedule the backup and the first one is due to occur the following day then this is the one that fails.  For some reason the backup/restore process stops running and I can't find anything in the logs to suggest why.  I have scheduled recurring backups about 6 or 7 times now and the process consistently stops, unfortunately I haven't been able to pinpoint whether this is at a particular time yet due to the lack of logging information available. The syslog doesn't seem to provide any detail on this.

Appreciate you looking into this.



The First scheduled backup for the DMM just executed at 12am and

it was successful and the service is still running.

Let me look in my syslogs and see what things to look for...


Please upload the "scheduledBackup.log" file from your

syslog report.

Also, please provide the screenshot of your scheduled backup

status from the AAI interface.



Hi Thomas,

Was there every a conclusion to this issue as I seem to have a similar problem in that scheduled backups do not work at all. A one time backup is fine proving that the process is correct.

Any advice would be appreciated.


David Reid


My apologies..

Yes the issue was reported in the following 2 CDETS:

CSCtg50740 - AAI (Sns and DMM) : Issues with Daily recurring backup (Stops Working)

CSCth93042 - 5.2.1 UPGRADE: Scheduled Backups Fail \ Backup Service not running

and has been resolved in the upcoming 5.2.2 DMS release which should be

out be years end.

If this answers your question, Please take time to mark this

discussion answered & rate the response.

Thank You!


Hi Tomas,

Thanks for that. How do I mark the discussion as answered?

btw - sorry for spelling your name incorrectly last time:-)



I am having a similar problem.  Is there a method to restart the backup service without having to reboot the entire DMM Server?

Note that there is no method via the AAI menu system, and the Web Admin console services section is not clear as to whether it will reboot the entire server (which is NOT an easy thing for me to get away with here).

Restarting the 5.2.3 DMM Server (not JUST the service??)

============[[ UPDATE -- July 30, 2013 ]]=============

I have now learned (per a Cisco engineer), that the 'Scheduled backup services' in the screencap above, is normally in the 'stopped' status "by design", and that it will not show as started in this UI unless the DMM server is actually in a backup.


============[[ 2nd UPDATE -- Sept.26th, 2013 ]]=============

My backups now work correctly.  I think that the original problem was my NTP settings, which are now fixed.


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