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Selection of dial-peer based on calling number?

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Level 1


Is it possible to select a dial peer based on the calling number and NOT the called number?

eg. Phone extensions 7XXX uses dial-peer 1, and phone extensions 8XXX uses dial-peer 2. Both dial peers have the same destination pattern.

Is this possible?

If not what are the alternatives?

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Level 5

Well, dial peer matching can be a very complicated topic, there will always be two peers matched on every call - the inbound peer and the outbound peer. The inbound peer will help determine the characteristics of the call, and can be matched with incoming called number and answer-address (calling number) commands, but the outbound peer will always be matched on the destination pattern only. Here is a link to a good tech note on this:

If these are phones on a CM, and you want them to use different peers for outbound calls, you could give them different CSSs, and create a translation pattern in a partition to put in one of them. Have the translation pattern prepend an extra digit, one that is never used as the first digit in any real numbers. Create the peer you want these to hit with this number, and if it is POTS peer it will strip the digit when it matches - if it is viop peer, you will have to do a translation to strip it on the way out.

Mary Beth

I just stumbled across this tech note, too, that describes another way to do this - you can use the answer-address to grab the call, and apply a translation rule there, so similar idea, just doing the work in the router:

Mary Beth