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Randall White

Sending Broadcast Hunt Group to Voice Mail

Hi All,

I can't figure out how to send to VoiceMail as part of a Hunt Group. This is CCM 4.0

I have set up a broadcast line group, with reversion of 20 seconds. The Hunt Group goes to the line group, if no one answers I want it to go to voice mail. This is the regular hunt group, NOT the Attendant Console version.

I want to set up the Voice Mail in it's own line group, but the system won't let me put a CTI route point (fwd all to VM) in a line group. I have also tried to set up a dummy phone with 'forward all to VM', but the call still fails.

I know there has to be a simple way to set this up, but I can't find it in the documentation.

Thanks, Randy

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

Create a CTI port and forward to voice mail, in the hunt hunt group as the last entry place this CTI port, and make sure you check "Always Route Member".


Voicemail ports are created as a seperate line group so you already have most of what is needed to make calls forward to voicemail.

In the hunt list for your pilot number add the vm linegroup as the last choice, then if no one answers it will forward to voicemail as a last resort.

When the call arrives to Unity you need to make sure that you have a call routing rule that forwards based on the DNIS (pilot point number of the hunt list) to the appropriate callhandler/subscriber.

thats it!


You probably already have a LG set up for voice mail. Just make that the last LG in the Hunt List. Then log on to your unity server. (I'm assuming you're using Unity) and open Call Viewer. Place a call to the LG and let it pass through to your Unity server. See what the dialed number and dialing number is and if it's a forward or direct call. Then, go in to the Call Router and make a Call Route pointing to the correct voice mail box with that info.

Hope that helps.


I need to build a line group that forwards to Voice Mail.

I guess my original post wasn't very clear. I am NOT using attendant console, so the "Always route last member" option doesn't apply. I am using the hunt group/line group found under the Route Plan heading.

Since CallManager 4.0 does not allow me to add a CTI route point to a line group, how can I build a line group that forwards to Voice Mail? Apparently I can only add phones to line groups, nothing else. If I could add a CTI route point, this would be easy.

I have tried building a phone with the VM DN, adding that to a LG, and then setting that line to Forward All to Voice Mail, but the call fails (fast busy), and the call doesn't show up in Unity. I can make calls directly to the VM number, so I know that partitions and CSS are correct.

Randy running ccm 4 and all my sites have separate hunt groups for each location and then if no phone answers it goes to thier respective voice mail.

setup the line group for the phones.- i left the settings as default to go to next member and if not then to next group in list

then i created a hunt list and added the line group to that as well as the voicemail as a route group which i created.

then on the phones, i simply forwarded no ans and busy to the hunt group via a route pattern number. basically, created a route pattern 9003 which associated with a hunt list i.e. the list i created as above and thats it.

We're not using AC either.

The solution isn't in a CTI route point or anything like that. I understand what you're doing, but don't you already have a LG that goes to VM?

For us, we use extension 3000. Anyone who dials that goes in to voice mail. I'm sure you have something similar.

Go to Route Plan -> Route Plan Report. Type in the number you can dial to go to voice mail. That should be associated with a Hunt List which will be associated with a Line Group. The members of that Line Group will be Voice Mail Ports.

(You can go to Feature -> Voice Mail -> Voice Mail Pilot to find the number if you don't know the voice mail pilot number)

Take the Line Group you just found and go to the Route/Hunt List configuration for the Hunt List in question. Make the VM LG the last Line Group in the Route List.

Then, go to your Unity server and run Call Viewer. Place a call to the HL and wait for it to show up. Then, configure a Call Router to take calls (direct or forwarded) placed to the specific HL number and route them to the VM box you want them to go to.

This process has nothing to do with CTI route points at all, so don't worry about them. And don't try just CFA. Doesn't work. You can take a port out of the VM LG, put it in it's own LG and make that the last number of the HL, but you can only take one call to VM then. It's better to put the Call Routing in on the VM box.

Hope that helps.

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