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Sent Items folder Exchange

What happens if I am runnig a Unity server as voicemail only and I enter a voicemail box and forward a voicemail to another user. Is the voicemail stored in the sent items folder like any other email I would send out? Do I need to have some kind of cleanup agent go to all mailboxes and delete these items since there are no user logging into these mailboxs?<br><br>

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I have an Exchange admin that is asking what measures he needs to take to monitor and protect his exchange sites? These are all 2000 Exchange servers

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Unity does not copy voice mail messages to the sent items folder. For deleted items you can optionally have us copy the message to the deleted items folder or not via a class of service setting... you can empty the deleted items folder over the phone if needed, however.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

Hey Jeff,

Is it possible to enable the sent items being copied to the sent items folder like it is for deleted items. The issue I'm being presented with by some of our clients is that when they reply to a voicemail or email over the phone, Unity does mark that message as being replied to (the little icon in outlook next to the message showing a reply) and does not copy your reply into the sent items folder. I guess when these users get back into the office and are cleaning up their inbox, they sometimes can't remember if they addressed a particular voicemail/email or not and would like to be able to track that.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

No, that's not currently an option - it'd chew up a lot of your inbox quota if that were on, kind of a tricky option.

As with all such things it's best to make sure your account team enters the feature into PERs so that it gets on the plate for development work.

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