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Show and Share Automatically Assign Permissions

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I have been looking and cannot find a whole lot on SnS permissions.  Our DMS is version 5.3.11 and we are using embedded authentication.  We have a setup so when a user connects to the TCS(5.3) to record a video it then automatically sends it to our MXE3500( then from there it automatically distributes it to our Show and Share and assigns it a category based on what address was dialed.

What we want to do is have group and or user permissions assigned to the categories so only those users can see the videos.  Does anyone know if this is possible?

Thanks for any help!


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Accepted Solutions

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Level 10


Integration with Active Directory :Cisco Digital Media Manager 5.3 provides integration with Microsoft Active Directory

via the LDAP protocol to import both names and groups from Active Directory. Cisco Digital Media Manager and Show and Share users are then authenticated against MS  Active Directory during the login process. By categorizing the uses into different user group within DMM, administrator can control and manage the content viewing permission within Show and Share by associating the user group to the video during the publishing stage. There are three Authentication Mechanism available: ‘Embedded Authentication’, ‘LDAP Authentication’ and ‘Federation Authentication’ .Currently, Microsofts Active Directory is the only LDAP service that is supported. You have to choose LDAP Authentication , as the attached photo

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