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does anyone have a working configuration for CME and SIP phones? Please, just don't send me the document from CCO. This 2851 is driving me crazy, and I am at the end of my patience here.


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Cisco CallManager Express (Cisco CME) supports incoming and outgoing Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) calls to and from IP phones and router voice gateway voice ports, but does not support direct attachment of SIP phones to Cisco CME.

I believe the latest version of CME 3.4 supports SIP phones. Can anyone confirm this?

Yes, CME 3.4 does support Cisco IP phones running SIP. SIP phones can be configured as outlined here:

Configuring Cisco CallManager Express 3.4 for SIP Phones

Sample configs are located at the bottom of the page.

Thanks agensler. One more question though, I followed the instructions on seting up the system-wide parameters and I do not appear to have "voice register global" command. Any idea why? I'm running CME 3.4 on 2801 with 12.4-4.T1 IOS.

CME 3.4 was added in IOS 12.4(4)T so technically the command should be there assuming you are running the correct feature set. What feature set are you running? Did you try typing out the complete command? Shortening the command, such as "voice reg global" will generate a parser error. Try entering the entire command.

Hi, I've tried several variations of the command, couldn't get anything even close. I have Advanced IP Services feature set.

What type of router are you using?

Its not the router, remove the Advanced IP Services and load the IPVOICE IOS. I had the same problem. I'm currently trying to setup 7960's & 7905's with SIP loads using CME 3.4. So far I've got the SIP loads on the 7960's and can place calls between phones but no audio either way. I've got a TAC case open. I'm not having any luck getting the SIP load on the 7905's.

Hi guys, thanks for your help and thanks for the config, that will be very helpful once I figure out why I do not have the "voice register global" command. I know that IP Voice IOS works but the problem is that it does not have a firewall, which I need as this router is also the Internet gateway. I have a TAC case open with Cisco at the moment, they seem to be puzzled themselves as to why I don't have the command. They confired that I have the right IOS for this router. I'll let you all know what the cisco resolution will be.


The 2801 supports CME 3.4. As the previous poster mentioned, you need a feature set that supports voice. IPVOICE is one such feature set.

As far as I'm aware, the latest Advanced IP Services image only provides CME 3.2, whereas the latest Voice image provides CME 3.4 which is required for SIP clients.

I'd be interested to know if or when CME 3.4 will be supported in the Advanced IP Services image.


Dear All,

Sip is supported on 12.4.4T and later.

Try to use adventerprisek9-mz.124-4.T.bin.

Has all you need.



Just checked... the Cisco software advisor only lists the voice image (not SP Serv, Adv. IP Serv, or Adv. Ent. Serv) when searching for IOS versions which contain CME 3.4, at least for the 2801. (and hence support directly-attached SIP clients)

Can anyone confirm whether this is actually correct?

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