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Speed dials look like shared lines

A new CCM installation is in place. Receptionists are rebelling against PC based apps, as they already have a number of apps running already. They want to be able to see the line status for a user before transferring the call. If they have a shared line then they get the indication on the appropriate button for that status. Not enough buttons for both shared lines and speed dials! Anyone met a solution that allows this same indication to a speed dial button? A number of PBX solutions provide this functionality so it would be great if we can do the same, but I haven't found a way yet. Should be possible with the appropriate skinny message...?

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Which is the version of the CCM you are using? Anyything prior to CCM4.0 have this issue. You can check for a solution.

Call Manager version is CCM 4.1(2).


CME, I believe provides this functionality. Sidecars can exhibit Shared line status, and speed dial for the same button.

Monitor Lamp and Direct Station Select

For multibutton phones and expansion modules, the buttons for lines that are shared with other phones can be designated as monitor buttons. A monitor button is created primarily to show the status of a line that also appears on another phone. When the shared line is in use on the other phone, the console display for the line's monitor button shows an icon of a phone covered by an X. An idle line is represented by an icon of a phone with the handset in the on-hook position. Monitor buttons cannot be used to make outgoing calls, as opposed to line buttons for ordinary shared lines. This functionality is known on private branch exchange (PBXs) as a monitor lamp.

When a monitored line is idle, pressing the monitor button will speed-dial the monitored line. This functionality is sometimes known as fast transfer or direct station select.

The monitor lamp feature is configured using the m keyword of the button command. This feature can be configured on any multibutton IP phone, such as a Cisco IP Phone 7960 with one or two Cisco IP Phone 7914 modules. Phones are configured with a shared line for each extension that uses the monitor function.

I can confirm that CME does it. You do, however, need the latest version (3.2.1, or maybe also 3.2) because the "monitor" buttons could not do a transfer with consult in earlier versions, which is a bit of a handicap for a receptionist. With version 3.2.1, type the command "transfer-system full-consult dss" in telephony-service. Any ephone buttons you have configured as "monitor" mode will both monitor the line specified and, as mentioned above, provide the speed-dial functionality.

This, however, does not help you if you have the full callmanager. There is no equivalent that I know of that does not need a PC application.


Could you give more details? I'm using CCM 4.1.2 and i need to have a few of button with monitor feature and speed dial feature.


the easiest option is to install 7914

Check out the new DSS feature, which will allow the receptionist to directly transfer a call, just by pushing the line button of the person:

Has anyone figured out if this feature is available or going to be available in a call manager version. I know it is available for Call Manager Express.

Rob Huffman
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Hi Shane,

On CCM (unlike CME) the feature you want BLF/Speeddials is not available until CCM 5.0(1). This is a feature that has been much requested on releases leading up to 5.0 Have a look at the following link. Here is an excerpt;

When you configure Presence in Cisco CallManager Administration, an interested party, known as a watcher, can monitor the real-time status of a directory number or SIP URI, a presence entity, from the device of the watcher.

A watcher can monitor the status of the presence entity (also called presentity) with the following options:

BLF/SpeedDial buttons

Missed call, placed call, or received call lists in the directories window

A Phone Monitors a BLF/SpeedDial.

After an administrator configures the presence feature and the BLF/SpeedDial buttons, a user can immediately begin to monitor the real-time status of a presence entity.

From this CCM 5.0(1) doc;

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much, that was very helpful.

Rob Huffman
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Hi Shane,

You are most welcome! There is always something new working with this stuff isn't there :)

Take care,Rob

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