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taking VG248 backup???

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

im trying to take a backup of my VG248 but the problem after checking this link for the backup guide

 the method they mentioned is using the command line interface , i quote "Step 1 From the command line, connect to the Cisco VG248 Analog Phone Gateway using commandFTP <ip address>."

while on my device it has this different page , what command line do they mean? 

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Ramamoorthy Shanmugam
Rising star
Rising star


Try to use solarwins TFTP and execute the below command for running configuration .

copy flash tftp

enter the TFTP IP address 

give the file name and enter 

Thanks & regards,

S. Raamoorthy 


no the issue is there is no way to enter commands on the device just a bunch of menus where i can choose option not a cli

select configure menu or try one by one .


I have not used a VG248 for many years but I think that you need to open an FTP session from your PC to the unit.

Open a command prompt on your PC and type ftp x.x.x.x where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the VG248.

If this works then using the Filezilla FTP client might make things easier for you.

i tried doing this , i entered ftp then the ip address but then when i enter dir like what is mentioned below in the steps i get "not connected" ??? any idea why is this happening?

Step 1 From the command line, connect to the Cisco VG248 Analog Phone Gateway using commandFTP <ip address>.

Step 2 In the user name field, press Enter. "im not getting this in the command prompt"

Step 3 If Enable Password is configured, enter it in the password field for FTP, otherwise enter the telnet password. If Enable Password is not enabled, leave the password field blank.  "im not getting this in the command prompt"

Step 4 To view the files, enter dir.

Step 5 To copy the files, enter get <filename>.

Step 6 After the transfer completes, the file will be copied to your PC.

Sorry it is years since I conjured a VG248 so I cannot remember the exact process. If you try using the FileZilla FTP client it will show you debuts of ftp messages which might help

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