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Third Party: Witness

We are planning to upgrade enterprise call center that requires we upgrade our call manager 3.3 to at least 4.0. We have a windows 2K OS server running Witness 7.2 software for recording phones. It does this by capturing the skinny protocol at the port of a 6509 switch and rspans to a NIC on the server. Why should I have to upgrade the witness software if both CM 3.3 and CM 4.0 runs the same skinny protocol? Or is it differant between the two?


Skinny is Skinny protocols do not change unless between SW changes. I think you will be fine running this product with 4.x CCM. Make sure your vendor with Witness has tested the product with CCM 4.x and supports it.


I'm not aware of any differences in Skinny. But I'm not certain that Witness is actually using Skinny to correlate calls to RTP streams.

I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong - there are many ways to integrate voip monitoring. ;-)

Usually, you'll see voip recording applications using TAPI or perhaps JTAPI to integrate with CCM. These protocols are used to signal to the Recording software which phone or agent is making a call, where the other endpoint is, and UDP/RTP endpoint information, extension to user mapping, etc. Then, based on info from TAPI, the sniffer interface (connected to the SPAN or RSPAN port) can filter out unwanted RTP streams.

JTAPI is not the same between the two versions of CCM you mentioned. And when mismatched, produce some ugly results for the applications using them. TAPI requirements may be different as well (I'm not sure.)

If Witness is saying that you MUST upgrade, that would be consistent with TAPI or JTAPI use. You might want to push them for clarification.

Just found it - see the link below.

So since you are upgrading ICM/IPCC, the CTI interface has changed. I'd expect you will have to change Witness to support it.

"eQuality Balance application is integrated with ICM software via the Cisco platform's CTI server API (an open, industry- standard application programming interface)"

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