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Tools note...

I've had a couple folks emial me having problems running the Bulk Edit utility, the Call Handler export, and some of the scripts off my web page...<br><br>You need to be logged in as the account that installed Unity to run some of these apps and scripts. I use the logged on account to gain access to the DOH (Unity directory wrapper). It's not a rights issue, you need to be logged in as THAT account (the one associated with our services in the service control manager). Safety first... I don't want just anyone being able to run most of these types of things.<br><br>Sorry... my bad. I should have noted that in the help and I didn't. I'm working on updating my page this weekend and in addition to updated tools (and adding a very cool new "Audio Text Viewer" app I think folks are going to dig) I'll make a note about this there and in the help files.<br><br>carry on.<br><br><br>Jeff Lindborg<br>Unity Product Architect<br>Active Voice<br><br><A HREF="" target="_new"></A>