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Michael Marzol

Town Hall style meetings at multiple locations with SX80 A/V Integration

We have to build out a solution to facilitate town hall style meetings across 5 different sites over our MPLS network. I was thinking the SX80 as a potential solution. The requirement is that all 5 sites need to be able to see and hear each other when a speaker is passed a microphone to speak or answer questions from any one of the other sites. There will be multiple size rooms ranging from an auditorium, where we will connect professional style hand held HD cameras and mics to the SX80, all the way down to large open rooms housing up to 25 people where we might consider using the Cisco cameras. At the auditorium site, our media production business unit would have a video switcher connected to the SX80 who would switch between the different locations. Is this even possible with the SX80? I'm very familiar with Cisco's MX and SX line of products and the way they function in ordinary conferences and I'm having trouble wrapping my head around how this would work with a single video switcher, if it would even work. For example, when a conference attendee speaks, the Telepresence endpoint will automatically switch video to that speakers video would that work when we want to use an external switcher connected to the auditorium SX80 to do all the switching between sites.


Any help or insight is greatly appreciated!


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