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Transfer an extension directly to its voice mail in a CME and CUE system

Is it possible to setup Call Manager Express (3.1) and Cisco Unity Express (1.1) to transfer an extension directly to its voice mail ?

Daniel Baum
Cisco Employee

Need more clarification of the question, but, will give it a shot.

If you want all calls that are made to an extension to roll to the called parties voice mail, in CME under the ephone-dn, a call-forward all # can be added.


ephone-dn 1

number 5000

call-forward all 4410

Let me know if this is not what you need.


I mean the situation when a receptionist receives a call for a user (User A) but she knows User A is not there so she wants to transfer that call directly to his voice mail without ringing User A number.

I think you can do this by using the secondary e.164 number in CUE configuration (I'm doing this from memory so the descriptions are probably not exact).

You can then configure a sip dial peer to route calls to this number directly to voice mail.

For instance, if your users extension is 1000 set the secondary e.164 number to 2000. Then create a sip dial peer with a destination pattern of 2...

Tell your receptionist to use 2000 to xfer directly to voicemail.

Hope this helps.

We had trouble with this method due to CCME passing

the full E.164 number to CUE prevented assigning

the "secondary" E.164 number to a different number;

unless we wanted to forfeit the ability to tap the

messages button or dial the voicemail pilot and

hear "please enter your password" versus "please

enter your extension".

That issue has been outlined in other NetPro threads.

So, what does seem to work without losing the message

button - password prompting, is to create alternate

ephone-dn's that contain the full E.164 number, have

it CFA to the voicemail pilot, and make sure your

transfer pattern is ready to accept a transfer to a

full E.164 address. This ephone-dn would not get

assigned to a ephone.

No additional dial-peers are necessary.

Rumor has it that CCME 3.2 will address this better.

i.e. extension 1212 on a 7940 with 1901 as the VM#

ephone-dn 1 dual-line

number 1212

description 3124561212

call-forward busy 1901

call-forward noan 1901


ephone-dn 2

number 3124561212

call-forward all 1901


ephone 1

mac-address 0011.0022.0033

type 7940

button 1:1



transfer-pattern .T


A quick restart of the ephone works wonders, or

the first call ever to the extension seems to miss

the call forward rules.

In CUE, the assigned extension would be 1212 and

the assigned E.164 would be 3124561212.

The supervised transfer to voicemail flow would be:


Kludgy, but workable.

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