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UCCX 8 Wallboard Queries and Permissions


Not sure if anyone is activly using UCCX 8 yet but i have a question.

When trying to access the AgentStateDetail and Resource tables all i get is a permissions error. This is using the uccxwallboard user.

You can still access the RT tables as before with no issues.

I am guessing cisco have limited this and i need to know how to add select permisions on all tables for the uccxwallboard user.

Is this possible?



You need to use the user UCCXHRUSER and this will allow access to the stats you need.

Cisco do not promote the use of this user as it is also used for the HR tool

You will need to change the HR user password on both nodes as you did for the wallboard user.


Thanks Mark -We are using the UCCXHRUSER and have established a connection. We get stats about the CSQ etc.

@Jeroen - Do you know what is the correct table if this not the correct one to get the Reason code to Reason code description?

Cisco's schema definition below for EEMReasonCodeDescription is very misleading:

EEMReasonCodeDescription: The EEMReasonCodeDescription table contains descriptive text (in English only) for each possible reason code.

This thread seemed to indicate that this was the correct table but no one seems to have got it to work:

Many thanks,



There is no table in the DB with reason code descriptions. The reason codes are stored only as ints.

When I've worked with reports etc that use these codes, I've had to map them to static strings in whatever app I'm querying the DB with (e.g. wallboard, crystal etc). It's not ideal, but changing reason codes is generally not done frequently.

'EEM' is the clue in that table name, it refers to the email subsystem.



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That’s right Aaron, in the older versions there was. The reasoncode numbers can be found in the CAD admin tool. The standard reason codes are explained in the historical reports user guide (search for uccx85hrug)


Thanks so much for your help gents.  I can't see how Cisco can take functionality away and provide no new method attaining this information.

There must be a way of attaining the mapping between the Reason Code and the Definition as CAD does it in Desktop Admin. Has anyone actually asked Cisco directly with regards to this?

I just tried with my lab setup, and the table stays empty. I have never asked Cisco as to why they choose not to use this table at all, or in which case this table does get filled…..



Me neither - since the functionality doesn't exist now, I'm sure TAC would say it was 'working as designed' and we should submit a feature request/usage case etc. I've never needed it enough to go through such pain.

CAD does it easy enough, as the DB that CAD and the other desktop apps connects to is (I believe) the LDAP db that the Calabrio half of the system uses. That's where the codes are stored, and it's not easy to get at the information programatically.


Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!

Thanks Jeroen,

I have put a question into a friend at Calabrio. If I don't get a response I will escalate this to TAC to pose the question and will update this thread with what they say.



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