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Unity 3.1(3) Call Handler

I have created mulitple call handlers. The call handler is associated with an extension within CM 3.1(3). When you press the 1 key you are supposed to be attempted to transfer too. This is not occuring. All of the "Attempt to transfer too's" are being sent to the greeting of that subscriber rather than the phone. Any ideas? By the way this is in production now. So any help will be greatly appreciated.<br><br>

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the most common cause of this is the wrong transfer rule being used on the destination call handler (i.e. the guy you have mapped to the "transfer to action"). I always suggest activating the alternate transfer rule and testing with that so there's no possibility of the wrong one being trigger.

There's also be a few folks on 3.1(3) and 3.1(4) that seem to have some issue with the default call handler template. If they create the destination call handlers copying, say, the operator call handler instead it works. I'm waiting to be able to get into a system that has this issue so I can check it out and open a bug record if necessary as I can't reproduce this on my test systems. If you see this is the case and you have remote access via WTS or pcANYWHERE on your box, ping me... I'd like to pop in and check out a few tables in your SQL database.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)


how do you activate the alternate transfer rule?


In the Unity SA, bring up the settings for the destination call handler. Then go to the Call Handler > Call Transfer page. At the top of the page, there's a drop down list "Transfer Rule Applies To". For each of these, Alternate, Standard, and Closed, make sure that the "Transfer incoming calls" is set to ring the message recipient or ring a subscriber. Could be the problem is that one of those is set to "No (send directly to this handler's greeting)".

Nancy Avinger
Technical Writer
Cisco Systems, Inc


Thanks for the help guys. The issue was when the trees was created and the call that was transfered to the subscriber. The subscriber needed to allow the call to be transfered to there extension not sent to the greeting. I would have provided you access but the customer has no means for it.

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