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Unity 4.0(2)/Domino multiple of same subscriber to import.


We are running Unity 4.0(2) on Domino 5.0.11. When I attempt to import a new user from Domino, there are multiple (2 or 3) entries for each user. The client has a single Domino domain with three servers. I noticed that each server is entered in the address book configuration on Unity. The client synchronizes all addressbooks. Should we only be using one address book or is this indicitive of some other issue? If we only use one address book, will the messages still be stored in the proper server?


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

it sounds like the Directory Change Monitor has been told to read from the same database replicas on each of their servers. Each replica database contains the same information (that's why they are replicas!) and that is why the SA returns multiple choices when you search for someone to import. The correct actions would have been to monitor just one replica on one server. During the address book configuration did they enter the Directory database (i.e. names.nsf) multiple times? If so, that is the problem.

Do the following:

1) Open the registry

2) Go to the hive HKLM->Software->Active Voice->Directory Connectors->DirSynchDomino->1.0

3) Under there you will likely see entries for AddressBook1, AddressBook2, and so on. As I am not sure how this system was setup, the multiple AddressBook entries may only exist under Monitored Servers

4) For each of those, look at the key "Database"

5) If the same value is listed under that key for each address book monitored, then that is your problem.

With regards to the Directory database, there exists a replica on every Domino server and these are kept synchronized through Domino replication. This is fundamental to the Domino architecture.

Now, when you say "synchronize all addressbooks" I assume you do mean the SAME address books? Namely, names.nsf It is an important distinction. During setup one can enter more than one address book to monitor. BUT, the address books entered in addition to names.nsf are SECONDARY addrss book. Such address books may be used to contain listings of people who not have mail databases and simply have their messages forwarded to some other address.

If the site is monitoring secondary address books and NOT names.nsf multiple times, then there is another problem. Most likely the same people are listed in each address book. My money is on the monitoring of names.nsf multiple times, though.

Thanks, "tobster".

You are correct. There are three address books. They are all database "names.nsf" but from each of the three different servers. If I understand you correctly, because they have directory replication amongst these servers, I only need to have the partner server's "names.nsf" monitored, correct? If so, is the best way do delete them from the registry by simply deleting the "AddressBook2" and "AddressBook3" from the MailServer Key? What about the same address book entries under the MonitoredServers key as the same info resides there as well?

Thanks, Stephanie

Yes, you should delete the AddressBook2 and AddressBook3 from the registry under "MonitoredServers" and "MailSevers.

Monitored servers are servers containing directory databases Unity is suppose to scan. Since this particular installation is only using the domain directory (names.nsf), there should be only one server listed.

Mail servers are the server(s) containing directory databases Unity will pull subscriber inforamtion from when importing. That is why your customer would receive three matches when trying to import someone: replicas of the same database were being queried on different servers.

The question you must answer is whether you want to use the same replica on the same server for both monitoring and importing. Nine times out of ten the answer will be "yes" and I belive you fall into this case as well. The server to use ought to be the one closest to Unity on the network. This will shorten latency issues. Do NOT monitor or import from a server going over a WAN.

Whatever you choose to do, PLEASE back-up the registry before making any deletions!

1) Open the registry

2) Chose Registry->Export Registry File

3) Save the registry to disk.

After deleting AddressBook2 and AddressBook3 restart Unity. Check for any errors in the Event Viewer after start-up.

Ok. Did that. Still have 3 of every user, however. How do I clean this up? We are certain that the names.nsf itself does not have 3 of each user.

Also, I still have a question. The install doc says to add each server that will host mailboxes. What is the separation between the address books and where the mail is actually stored? Is this decision made by Domino once the partner server receives a message for a user on a non-partner server? Does the address book have a role in routing the message to the correct store?

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