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Unity 4.0 Demo System not completely functional

We are testing some application designs in our lab and have a 4.0 server setup with the default demo key. This does not permit us to delete test accounts.

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The 4.0(1) demo license does not change any of the delete functionality. How are you trying to delete users? Are you getting an error? Assuming you have Exchange 2000 here-- Remember that if you delete a user from Unity the AD account will still remain. However, if you delete the account from AD Unity will see that the account was deleted and remove the Unity account as well.

One of our developers deleted the accounts from A/D. While trying to create new accounts, Unity will not permit it due to the presence of the accounts in the Unity SQL database. I had to use the Tools to remove the accounts completely from Unity in order to create new test accounts.

It might be this:

Here are comments from the DE that corrected the defect:

The permissions wizard now adds read properties, list contents, and list object rights on the deleted object container in every domain selected for monitoring. These rights are granted to the directory services account in an Exchange 2000 scenario. This should allow the directory monitoring services to see and read deleted objects, which is required to make automatic deletion of SQL subscribers work when their AD user is deleted.

Did you setup permissions with the permissions wizard that shipped with 4.0(1)?

Yes, I did. This is a completely default installation of Unity, using the accounts suggested in the Installation guide. It is attaching to a Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 as the mail store, on a separate server.

The version that shipped with 4.0(1) was The defect was corrected in You can get that version here:

Please let me know what happens...

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