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Unity Networking

Problem with networking unity between two exchange 2000 servers (servers are in seperate domains). When we install the voice connector onto the exchange server the installation reports no problems and completes ok. When the server is restarted the event viewer indicates the voice connecter has failed "unable to load in a timely fashion". The exchange server is not located on the unity box.

Unity software version 3.1.5

SMTP connector seems to be working ok, as emails are delivered between the two servers.


A couple questions...

You say the servers are in different domains, but since you're installing the voice connector to message between the two I assume they're also in separate forests(i.e. they don't share the same AD), true?

3.1(5) comes with two different voice connectors - one for 5.5 and one for E2K - did you for sure install the one for E2K?

Does the voice connector only fail to start in a timely fashion on a server reboot, or does the same thing happen when you try to start it manually via the services control panel after all the other services have started? Are all of the Exchange services starting properly? If the MSExchange Store or MTA service aren't running/starting the voice connector will not be able to start either.

Create a file in \winnt\system32 named 'gwivc.log'. Then (attempt to) restart the voice connector via the services conrol panel. If it fails to start, look in gwivc.log and see if there's a message indicating why.

SMTP networking (i.e. using the voice connector to exchange messages between Unity servers that live in separate ADs) was significantly changed during 3.1(x). There is a hot-fix voice connector that you should get your hands on. Please call TAC and inquire about the 3.1(5) hot fix for SMTP networking. The startup problems you're seeing are most likely not related, but you'll want the hot fix if your implementing Cisco Unity SMTP Networking in 3.1(5).


I have a similar problem. I have a Unity Voicemail server, Unity Bridge server, and Exchange 2000 SP3 server. I have the Unity 3.1(5) CDs. I installed the Voice Connector on the Exchange server and it seemed to install fine, but after rebooting the service would not start. The Event Viewer messages were:

-Timeout (30000 milliseconds) waiting for the Exchange 2000 Voice Connector service to connect.

-The Exchange 2000 Voice Connector service failed to start due to the following error:

The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

I'm unable to start the service manually.

The gwivc.log file is empty. I called TAC but they couldn't seem to find the 3.1(5) hot fix?

Any help would be appreciated.


You don't need the 3.1(5) hot fix unless you're using the voice connector for SMTP networking between Unity servers in separate directories (forests).

Have you verified that all of the Exchange services (information store, message transport, etc.) and the SMTP service are running?

The gwivc.log being empty is usually an indication that there's a service dependency problem, i.e. one of the services it depends on is not runnning.

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