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Unity NFR for Partners?

Level 1
Level 1

Does anyone know if Cisco plans to offer an inexpensive NFR version of Unity for partners? We are a small IP Telephony specialized partner and we spent a ton of money on training and testing for the specialization, IP phones, a server, etc.

Cisco was nice enough to sell us CallManager and ICD NFR, but I haven't seen any NFRs for Unity (besides the demo). It would be great. Or "off the record" if anyone knows how to get past the 15 second limitation in the Demo, that would be great too ;)

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There's no way around the 15 second record limit... trust me. After the 100 seat 2 port demo systems we shipped with 2.4.6 got abused so horribly management freaked out and came into engineering swinging a big stick. It's locked down, honest.

However, with the release of 4.0 I believe they will be introducing a time out license in addition to the demo license we ship now. It would be open with a set of features enabled and no record limits etc... however it would expire after a set period of time or a set date or whatever. The FlexLM software license keys we'll be rolling with allow for this type of thing. I'm unsure how this program will work but it may be more to your liking for what you guys are trying to do.

Level 2
Level 2

Although this is still keyless, therefore will still have a 15 second message limit, you can order an NFR for partners. Contact your local Cisco Office with part # UNITY-5USR-2DEMO. This includes everything except a dongle and the OS (which is of course needed to run Unity). Great for people that dont have Exchange and SQL lying around in the lab plus you get everything on official cd's. There is a small charge to cover the CD duplication and shipping.